Restaurant Identity

With it's unique approach and original concept, this Burger & Champagne Bar located on Hvar Island in Croatia, is a crafted and culinary infusion of hip-hop culture, street art and modern design.

Agency: KGLR
Role: Art Direction & Design
The Logo

Paying homage to some of the originators of street art and typography, this logo embodies a beautiful juxtaposition between a raw marker-felt graffiti style and a modern day sans serif typeface.

The Menu

A organic, yet unapologetic design aesthetic in which each menu within the restaurant is custom painted, becoming a unique one-of-one piece of art.

The Business Cards

Each business card is custom hand painted to evoke the spirit and individual history of its location.

The Packaging

Inspired by the rope chain era, these hip-hop french fry cones & fry bags are a modern day compliment to the traditional burger.

To-Go Bags

These stylized take to-go bags act as a perfect accent to any outfit and represent 50's individualism throughout Hvar.

To-Go Champagne

Because who doesn't want Champagne on the go? These pearl white ceramic to-go bottles are a perfect compliment, and beautiful accessory to any yacht party on the Adriatic Sea.

The Store Front

Like they say, never judge a book by it's cover…Simplistic in it's nature on the outside, with a loud and energetic vibe on the inside.