Thompson Hotels

Website Redesign

Marked by a sense of understated cool and exceptional service, Thompson Hotels asked to design a narrative website that creates a visual story of their provocative luxury experience.

Agency: Noise New York
Role: Art Direction & Design
Modular Design

Inspired by modern layered design, this editorial template is highly flexible, and adaptive in it's nature, allowing for curated social content to add a visual ambiance to the Thompson story.

The Story

Here we move from public to private spaces. Tracking guests from the grand entrance to the party to the after party

The Experience

The social images work together to create a montage of the provocative lux experience of Thompson Hotels.

Property Level Inner Pages

This full bleed, templated strcuture, was designed to creates moments of the provocative Thompson experience.

Business Travel

Redefining the business experience to a new generation of travelers, this contnet allows guests the comfort, privacy, and freedom they're accustomed to.


Known globally for its subtle, sophisticated style and exceptional service, a Thompson Hotel brings any dream wedding to life.